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Casual Australia is the ultimate online datingsite for anyone over 18 looking for adventurous casual sex in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, or any other place in Australia. So are you single, in a relationship, divorced or married? Do you happen to be on holiday in Australia or just looking for exciting hookup sex in one of Australia's cities like Sydeny for example? Then you are at the right place at This casual online datingsite consists of a number of like-minded willing members, all looking for thrills, eroticism, love, casual sex and more. Does this seem exciting to you? Sign up for free today at

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Do you also want to score a casual sex contact via Casual Australa? Then you can sign up today for free, quickly and easily on this exciting casual online dating site. To register on this site you must first surf to the homepage of the site and then click on the tab "sign up". After clicking on this, an online registration form will appear in which you can enter a nickname of your choice, e-mail address, password of your choice, gender, place of residence and date of birth. After processing all the relevant information and accepting the terms and conditions, you can click on the tab "sign up now". After clicking this, a link will automatically be sent to the provided email address to confirm the registration. After confirming your registration you can immediately start finding your own casual sex contact in Australia.


Due to the multitude of interesting profiles on this site, it can sometimes be challenging for users to find a good match. Fortunately, the site also has a solution for these users. By using the search function of the site you can also come into contact with perfect matches. In the online search form you indicate whether you want to meet men, women, shemales or couples. In addition, you also indicate from which city of Australia your match must come, in which age class the person must be and whether you only want to see online profiles and or profiles with a photo. After processing the information and after clicking on search, the site itself will search for the best matches for you. You can then contact the matches that you find most interesting.


Registering on this site is completely free. You do not have to worry that there are hidden costs associated with the registration. All new members receive not only a free account upon registration, but also 50 free credits. With these free credits you can send messages and smileys to other users of this site. Have you found a nice match and do you want to maintain contact, but you no longer have credits? Then you can quickly and easily purchase credits by logging into your profile and clicking on the "buy credits" tab. The prices of the credit bundles are as follows:

  • 500 credits for $ 27.50
  • 1000 credits for $ 49.50 (best choice!)
  • 2000 credits for $ 74.50
  • 5000 credits for $ 179.50
  • 10000 credits for $ 324.50

The credits can be bought with a credit card or via PayPal.


For various reasons, users may decide to discontinue using the site's services at some point. These users have the possibility to delete their profile from the databases of this site. On the contact page you will find the option to delete your profile. Your profile will be deleted immediately. Remember that deleting a profile is final: matches, messages and any credits are lost.

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    This is a scam don't waste your money . The polic should be informed deleted app

    Nothing it's a con

    It's a con

    I recommend it!

    I've signed up which is the most crazy things I've ever done. I'm totally new to dating site and just signed up 20 days ago. It's full with hot ladies, I really recommend it


    Saw this new datingsite and I really like it. girls are great and the chat is really like I never experienced it before! Awesome

    very attractive woman

    very attractive woman on the website. they are easy to approach and nice to talk to

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